Hi there! My name is Davy Kent. I’m a Vancouver-based editor with a deep love for storytelling.

I provide copyediting and proofreading for self-publishing authors who work in fantasy, sci-fi, romance, thrillers, and self-help. While I do dabble in other genres, you’re guaranteed recent familiarity and expertise with the above.

You can check out my rates and title list on my Fiction/Non-Fiction Editing page.

My Approach to Editing

I have a keen attention to detail. Coupled with a voracious appetite for reading and writing, I understand the latest conventions in publishing standards when it comes to grammar and style. I am well-versed in the Chicago Manual of Style; don’t fret, though, as I tend to favor an author’s style preference first and foremost during any edit.

I’ve been involved in writing competitions, text roleplay worldbuilding collaborations, critique groups, author-editor Q&A groups, and academic editing. I understand writing, and I understand it well.

My focus while copyediting your book is to preserve your voice. I avoid rephrasing sentences unless absolutely necessary, and I usually leave suggestions for better structure as comments instead of taking liberties myself. Instead, I concentrate on making sure your manuscript is typo-free, optimized with its comma use, correct in tense, and consistent in style and tone.

I also offer limited fact-checking during my edit. If I come across statistics or historical/scientific claims, I typically do a quick check just to make sure it stands up to scrutiny. If I think something isn’t right, I query the fact or number so that you can verify my findings.

The Next Step

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