Campfire Chat: March 2020 Sci-fi/SFF Discounts + A Personal Update

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all been having a good start to 2020. March is upon us, and I figured it might be a great idea to do a “state of the business” sort of blog post. 

Let’s get right to it!

The Blog

The original plan with this blog was to make a new post every month, likely something to do with writing or editing. I fell off this wagon pretty quickly, although I have four finished drafts of the same article laying around somewhere. 

None of it has really hit me enough to confidently press Post. That’s just how it goes sometimes, eh?

I do plan on making a more concerted effort in finding things to post. What this will end up as is anyone’s guess. Perhaps I’ll inject more personal stuff for when the all-business approach falters. We shall see!


2020 has been a relatively steady year so far—at least, when it comes to adding to my portfolio. Over the past two months I’ve added 7 titles split between fantasy, romance, thriller, and self-help. 

Still, I’d like to give my portfolio a stimulus package of sorts. I’m facing an issue where sci-fi is a home of mine in storytelling, but my portfolio fails to represent this.

All my experience in sci-fi comes through my personal writing and more informal work, like in critique workshops and in worldbuilding sessions. Some of the titles I’ve worked on incorporate sci-fi, yet none of them are primarily science fiction

So let’s fix that. I’m running a first come, first served discount during March 2020 for sci-fi and its relative SFF, assuming it leans more towards the SF than it does the F. 

The type of editing is copyediting, so this is perfect for someone already a few feet deep in their publishing journey. A caveat here is that it’s one title per person. Subsequent titles are charged full price!

Sci-fi discount:

  • The first sci-fi title is FREE.
  • The second sci-fi title is 50% OFF of my quoted copyediting rate.
  • The third sci-fi title is 25% OFF.
  • All remaining titles booked during March 2020, even if they’re for a later date, are charged at 25% OFF.

SFF discount:

  • The first SFF title is 75% OFF of my quoted copyediting rate.
  • The second SFF title is 50% OFF.
  • The third SFF title is 25% OFF.
  • All remaining titles booked during March 2020, even if they’re for a later date, are charged at 25% OFF.

My rate range can be found on my book editing page. For an exact quote, please reach out to me via email ( with an excerpt of your book so I can do a sample edit. 

I might run a similar discount in the future depending on how this goes, so don’t fret if you’re on a budget and find you got in touch too late. Gaining published experience in sci-fi and SFF is a priority of mine for 2020. Scheduling me now for a job later is also more than acceptable.

Professional Development

2020 has been a good year for professional development despite some setbacks with my health. 

January saw me read three books geared towards the editing business (The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Amy Einsohn, Reviewing Basic Grammar by Mary and Robert Yarber, and The Subversive Copy Editor by Carol Saller), as well as attend the Master the Comma eCourse currently being run by Nicole Ayers. I will be writing a quick review and blog post about this course sometime in the coming two weeks. 

February was more “chill,” with me finishing that Master the Comma eCourse this month and reading one book, this one geared towards writing (How to Write Dazzling Dialogue by James Scott Bell). I also built myself a grammar curriculum that I will hopefully start taking a crack at sometime in April. Most of this is refresher work, but it’s something I consider important to stay on top of. 

And finally, Tanya Gold, an excellent authority in the editing industry, is beginning her foray into the world of class teaching with Working with Indie Authors, a course being held at the end of March. Deciding to focus solely on indie authors is a decision I made sometime mid 2019, and I’m relishing the opportunity of hearing from someone far more experienced than myself who is also just an all-around great person to know. Here’s hoping I get into one of the 20 slots!

If you are an editor, please consider registering for Tanya’s class. You won’t regret it. She is also offering a scholarship if you’re disadvantaged, so be sure to check out the details for that at the bottom of her course page linked above.