Writing web or business content is a special skill. I know because I’ve been there.

Once you’ve pieced together a compelling article or document, all you want to do is hit ‘Publish’ or send the email and call it a day.

Not so fast. Have you made sure it’s been edited? Probably not. It’s not often a consideration when looking at web content. It makes a big difference, though, and you can usually tell when an article hasn’t gone through a round of revision by another set of eyes. Usually, you notice this as you’re clicking the little ‘x’ to close out the tab.

So let someone be that extra set of eyes. Someone who knows how web content works.

Someone like me.

What Can I Do for You?

The benefit of general web content editing is that specialization is often unnecessary. You can send anything my way and I’ll find a way to tighten it up, make everything consistent, and polish the spelling and grammar.

I can edit and proofread your internal memos, business correspondence, blog posts, personal letters, resumes, cover letters, and more. If you’ve written something and you need it to be better, I’m your guy.

You can head on over to my Testimonials page to see what my business clients have been saying.

My Rates and Deadlines

My editing rates for web content are currently streamlined at 0.0125 a word. “Web content” in this instance refers to copywriting, blog posts, and other content that you would find on the internet.

For other projects, such as resumes or technical documents, you should reach out to me for a custom quote.

Deadlines are flexible. If we establish a great working relationship and you don’t need too much work done at once, it is likely that I can guarantee a 72-hour turnaround time per order.

If you expect a certain amount of work to cross my desk but at a rate that doesn’t justify individual payments, we can discuss a one-time payment that retains my services up to a certain number of words.

Ready to Work with Me?

If you are interested in hiring me to edit your web, corporate, or personal content, please email me at kent.ember.editing@gmail.com with a short sample of your writing, how much work you expect to send my way, and what sort of deadline you’re looking at.