Finishing your manuscript is a special moment.

Whether it’s the first draft or the tenth, your book contains a piece of your soul. It’s a big deal. More than that, it’s something deeply important to you.

I understand that intimately.

My focus as an editor is to maintain what makes your story unique: your voice. Your voice is how you craft your sentences. It’s how your characters speak to each other and hold themselves. Your voice is what turns a story with known tropes and common archetypes into a special journey that makes the reader lose themselves in the tales you’ve crafted.

Your voice is what’s most important in a novel.

The same rings true in non-fiction works. Perhaps you’re not telling a fictional story with made-up characters, but you’re still sharing a narrative that is completely unique to you and your perspective.

It’s my duty to make your story, your narrative, the best it can be. I take common literary conventions, modern standards in spelling and grammar, and a keen eye for detail and repetition and I combine these into an in-depth analysis and alteration of your manuscript.

David was the last pair of eyes to go over my manuscript before it was sent to the designer and prepared for publication. He caught several errors that had made it through multiple rounds of editing. Really helped me out. Thank you!

Dan Hupalo, Author of The String Quartet

What Can I Do for You?

I offer both copyediting and proofreading.

I’ll proofread for ANY genre. My proofreading rates are currently between 0.003 and 0.005 a word.

I’ll copyedit for science fiction, fantasy, action, romance, and thrillers. Self-help titles welcome. Other genres are possible—contact me and find out! My copyediting rates are currently between 0.006 a word and 0.01 a word.

Many editors have different definitions they use for copyediting and proofreading. Here are mine:

  • Copyediting entails going through your manuscript and checking it for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. I am hands-off when it comes to your writing voice, and will only rephrase sentences that have awkward phrasing or incorrect idioms.

    All copyediting projects come with an included style sheet which covers all named terms and all style choices in your manuscript.
  • Proofreading is the final look before or after you send your work off to a designer/typesetter. I tackle spelling errors and incorrect grammar alongside a secondary agenda of making sure your names and terms are consistent across the document. I also make sure your stylistic choices are consistent (e.g. em dash spacing and single vs. double quotes).

    A style sheet can be provided after a proofread for a small fee.

My Experience

I am a relative newcomer onto the editing scene for fiction and non-fiction, and have only started editing literature since January 2019. Seeking more experience is an aggressive plan of mine for 2019 which explains the lower rates listed above.

As a writer, I’ve been involved in fiction for over 12 years through worldbuilding workshops, local flash fiction contests, and occasional writing competitions within a handful of writing groups. I’m also an active contributor in several writing critique spaces that seek input from editors or those with a keen eye for the “bigger picture” in fiction. I have been a dedicated text roleplayer in what is called the “novella play-by-post” style for 13 years.

Lastly, I’ve edited over 20 titles in 2019 alone.

Some of the titles I have worked on are listed below.

Just wanted to say thank you, David, for such a fantastic job of editing my book Counter Punch. I had actually rewritten it 2x and ran it through Grammarly, but there was so much that was missed by me (and Grammarly) that you caught. I appreciate the quality of the edit, the great price, quick turnaround and your professionalism. I had written the book in Vellum, then exported to .rtf. I do not have Word, but the edits in Google Docs were seamless. I expected to spend days editing the book from your notes, but it only took a few hours. Will use you again.

Patrice Williams Marks, Author of Counter Punch




Ember Editing did an excellent job proofreading a 22,000 word non-fiction crash course for me. Great attention to detail, easy scheduling/setup, and quick communication. If you need a great proofreader for your next project, I highly recommend his services. 

Nicholas Erik, Author of The Ultimate Book Marketing Crash Course

Instructional Books


Supernatural Thrillers


Thank you for all your hard work. You did a wonderful job; don’t change a thing.

Michael Boggs, Author of Wee and Stonewall Hearth and the Lovelash Locket

Want to Work with Me?

Send me an email ( with a 500-1000-word sample of your manuscript along with your genre and the kind of editing you want done. We’ll go from there.