What is a manuscript evaluation?

I offer manuscript evaluations for FANTASY and SCIENCE FICTION.

In a manuscript evaluation, you will receive an in-depth editorial report after I have completed a thorough read of your manuscript.

My process is simple.

I do an initial read, taking notes as I go. Once I’ve completed that, I’ll do a second read, quicker this time, and use those notes and my second read to inform my editorial report.

My editorial reports are structured with clear headers and can usually be read from top to bottom without losing sight of any important details. Editorial reports are often thousands of words long, so buckle in for a complex assessment that analyzes everything from basic POV concerns to intricate plot issues.

One key component I ensure to incorporate in all my reports is my editing promise: I will never tell you something is wrong and then not offer an alternative. Sometimes my advice is a series of questions for you to answer, sometimes I’m more direct and have specific recommendations. This depends on the situation, but you will never be left upriver without a paddle. It’s my job to make sure you always have that paddle in your hands.

Keep in mind that a manuscript evaluation does not include commenting in the manuscript, nor does it include direct changes. But don’t worry about the editorial report being too vague; where possible, I specify where a problem exists.

What I can help you with...

Let's talk about costs and timelines

It typically takes me two weeks to complete a manuscript evaluation as I find it beneficial to let the manuscript “simmer a bit” after my initial read. You would be surprised what pieces fall into place with just a little patience!

My manuscript evaluations are charged at a per-word rate of 0.0035 USD. (For example, a 110,000-word manuscript would cost $385 USD total.)

This is a great option for a budget-conscious indie author who wants most of the benefit of a developmental edit without breaking the bank.

This rate covers time spent reading and writing the editorial report, as well as some limited back-and-forth afterward via email (e.g., if something I said requires clarification).

If you’d like to pick apart some of what I suggested or would like help brainstorming, I charge an hourly rate of $25 USD/hr with a half-hour minimum. I pride myself on being detailed enough that email is good enough, but we can do video chats via Zoom too.

Please note that I do not offer free sample edits for manuscript evaluations. If you’d like to arrange a smaller evaluation to gauge my input, this can be arranged.

Ready to work with me? I’d love to hear from you.