I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible people. Many of them were kind enough to offer me testimonials for me to share publicly.

I reached out to several copyeditors before finally choosing Davy, and to be honest, it was an easy choice to make. From start to finish, he was polite, professional, knowledgeable, and extremely quick, which helped me to produce my book ahead of schedule. I needed a thorough clean-up of my manuscript, and Davy delivered that and so much more. He brought his editorial wisdom, style savvy, and years of experience to bear on my manuscript, and I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. Thank you, Davy, for taking such good care of my book.

Anna V. Leigh

Having never used a professional editor for my work before, I was a little nervous and uncertain of what to expect. Davy made the process absolutely painless. He was incredibly fast, incredibly thorough, and very professional through the entire process. I will most certainly be recommending him to anyone I know looking to have something edited!

Katelynn Koontz

I was highly impressed by Davy’s speed, professionalism and attention to detail. Moreover, the quality of the edit exceeded my expectations. The fact that he went beyond my remit to do extra fact-checking highlights his commitment to creating a quality product. I would very highly recommend him.

Susan Baker, Author of How to Become a Veterinarian

It took me a long time to find the right editor and I have struck gold with Ember Editing. I do not normally gush, but Davy did an amazing job. He is professional, thorough and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him enough.

Anna Albo, Author of This Much Is True, On The Rebound, and Power Play

Just wanted to say thank you, Davy, for such a fantastic job of editing my book Counter Punch. I had actually rewritten it 2x and ran it through Grammarly, but there was so much that was missed by me (and Grammarly) that you caught. I appreciate the quality of the edit, the great price, quick turnaround and your professionalism. I had written the book in Vellum, then exported to .rtf. I do not have Word, but the edits in Google Docs were seamless. I expected to spend days editing the book from your notes, but it only took a few hours. Will use you again.

Patrice Williams Marks, Author of Counter Punch

Davy was upbeat, friendly and professional throughout all our communication. He was respectful of my request to focus on proofreading only, and did not try to impose on our voice and artistic choices. He provided prompt feedback and answered all my questions and did not try to oversell me on services I did not need. Overall, he was a refreshing change from some of the other services I requested quotes and received samples from. Once he reviewed the manuscript he made sure to explain the changes he made for consistency clearly and concisely. I would definitely recommend hiring his services.

John L. Reed, Author of A Voice of Thunder

Ember Editing did an excellent job proofreading a 22,000 word non-fiction crash course for me. Great attention to detail, easy scheduling/setup, and quick communication. If you need a great proofreader for your next project, I highly recommend his services.

Nicholas Erik, Author of The Ultimate Book Marketing Crash Course

I just worked together with Ember Editing and I had a very good experience. My editor was very responsive, respected the agreed deadlines, and did a terrific editing job – including spotting a typo in a diagram which, for some, may be a very basic thing but I have not had the experience so far for someone to be so thorough. He even helped me with formatting my book and recommended to me some experts who can help me make a professional bibliography. 

All in all, I would recommend Ember Editing to anyone who wants their manuscript nice and ready to go. I’m about to work with this company again. 

Albert Rutherford, Author of Elements of Thinking in Systems

I hired Davy to proofread my latest novel, and he did a wonderful job. He corrected a long list of errors I’d let slip through the cracks without hampering my voice. Not to mention he was quick, responsive, and very helpful. He turned a daunting experience into a pleasant one.

David Aries, Author of Half-Breed Hunter: Outlaws