What is your editing approach?

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I am a straightforward, no-nonsense editor. If you need a mystic to decipher my changes, I’ve done a bad job.

What this means is that I’m very direct. I’ll pinpoint problems, describe clearly why they are incorrect (either objectively or subjectively), and then I’ll either correct them or offer alternatives. I never tell you something is wrong without offering you a path forward. A red pen that offers no alternative isn’t helpful.

I’m not a negative editor, however. My goal is to empower your work, so keep that in mind when going over my changes. I never seek to harm, and if there’s something you’re particularly sensitive about or insecure over, please let me know and I’ll be sure to take a gentler approach to it.

I welcome feedback, criticism, and questions, with all this in mind. If I’ve made a change you disagree with or that confuses you, you can reach out and I’ll explain myself. I will also let you know when a change is subjective, meaning that you can overrule me or have a preference with no harm done to the project.

I’m your ally, not your opponent, and together we can put forward the best piece possible.